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Namsco Plastics

Namsco Plastics is a custom injection molding manufacturer utilizing traditional injection molding, two-shot (co-injection) molding, and liquid silicone (LIM) technologies. Founded in 1978, Namsco Plastics is privately and veteran owned. Namsco is both aggressive and progressive in delivering high quality plastic injection molding and secondary operations for OEM and specialty parts manufacturers.

When custom molded parts are critical for your business, Namsco wants to be an essential part of your team. Namsco Plastics offers an extensive background in injection molding, serving customers in electronics, hardware, medical, safety, and automotive industries. Our modern facilities totaling 150,000 square-feet, are clean, efficient, state-of-the-art Facilities. Using the latest advances in plastics technology we focus on creating custom products that meet our customer’s specifications no matter how complex. Namsco Plastics motto is “Partnering today for tomorrows Innovations”; we are committed to your success.